Under Construction

Pardon the dust (it’s a good thing you have that N95 face mask handy)! A lifetime ago, I had a blog named “fling93 loves fishies.” I’d like to think that it was much better than the rather hastily-chosen name indicates, as I prided myself on my measured arguments backed with thoughtful reasoning and quality sources. Alas, I tried to switch careers right about the time the financial crisis hit. As you can guess, this was not exactly the best time for this, and so I sold most anything I had of value, rented out my condo (pretty much at the same rate as the mortgage payments), stopped payments on everything that I could (including my domain name), and then embarked on a cross-country road-trip with my wife-to-be before settling in Austin, Texas.

We then were able to get our lives back on track, with me working as a content lead for an educational technology startup and my wife getting a master’s in music composition. We also began raising two sons, and being a father has almost entirely defined my life for the past several years, as I eventually quit the EdTech job so that my wife could complete her degree (the job had also become much more corporatey after a publisher acquired the startup, and management was actively pushing to relax quality standards).

We then moved back to Southern California to be closer to my family, this time in Orange County (I’d graduated high school from Diamond Bar, and my wife once attended Pasadena City College). And now that we’ve settled in and the boys are a bit more able to play on their own, I’ve decided to resurrect the thing and will be (hopefully with some help) transferring the old blog content here (thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can judge for yourself whether any of that stuff is worth salvaging), as well as some of the content I’ve been writing elsewhere on various social media sites like Quora, GoodReads, and maybe even Twitter.

And then we’ll get this thing revved up again!

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