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Libertarian advocate for electoral reform

This blog is entirely self-funded. In the interest of avoiding conflicts of interests, I receive no payments from anybody to write anything, and there are no and will never be any advertisements on this blog. I support myself and my family entirely from my job in finance.

Speaking of which, all opinions expressed are my own and not, of course, of that of my employer. As you can see, I don’t write about finance very often, and everything that I do write is intended for informational and educational purposes alone and should not be construed as investment advice.

I am and have been many things. I was a Berkeley-educated software engineer for over a decade. But I felt like I could have a bigger impact on the world and so earned a master’s in applied economics at San Jose State and then spent seven years in education, including as a lecturer and also working as a content developer for a publisher in both economics and statistics.

I am a Libertarian because I believe that power corrupts, particularly government power but I do also recognize the dangers of corporate power as well. When trying to figure out why so few libertarians are in public office, I concluded it was because of our two-party system created by our plurality voting system (aka first-past-the-post), and thus I have become an advocate for ranked-choice voting and proportional representation.

I “lost” my car at Burning Man, a fundamentally life-altering experience that led me to join Black Rock City’s DPW and also meet my wife. Now, I’m the proud father of two sons and work in finance for a wealth management team, but I still think writing is the best means for me to change the world.

I’m the Social Media Manager for the California Ranked Choice Voting Coalition (CalRCV) (see my work for them primarily on Twitter here), a co-chair of the Libertarian Party’s Alternative Voting Committee, and a blogger and a Tech & Data team volunteer for the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

I also happened to be one of the main founding members of the Aurora Nova War Robots clan. I have since sworn off F2P/P2W games and thus am not likely to blog about the experience at all, but it tickles me that they are still going strong.

Many thanks to Dave Stevens for finding the beautiful banner image for me.