A Six-Step Program for Fiscally Conservative Social Liberals

A few years ago, the esteemed Chuck McGlawn argued against the temptation for libertarians to let someone pigeonhole our beliefs as being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I do like his framing and also agree that it is important not to fall into the trap of letting our rather arcane and arbitrary two-party system dictate… Continue reading A Six-Step Program for Fiscally Conservative Social Liberals

Is ‘First Past the Post’ the Fairest Voting System? Why?

No, because plurality severely underrepresents minority viewpoints (gives them no voice at all), and even a majority viewpoint can be underrepresented if that side of the political spectrum simply runs more candidates, thus splitting the vote (i.e., the spoiler effect). For example, Nader acting as a spoiler for Gore in Florida 2000 and Jorgensen arguably… Continue reading Is ‘First Past the Post’ the Fairest Voting System? Why?

Under Construction

Pardon the dust (it’s a good thing you have that N95 face mask handy)! A lifetime ago, I had a blog named “fling93 loves fishies.” I’d like to think that it was much better than the rather hastily-chosen name indicates, as I prided myself on my measured arguments backed with thoughtful reasoning and quality sources.… Continue reading Under Construction

The Capitol Riots

Posted on my Facebook on January 7th, 2021, links and image added August 23rd, 2021. Image via CNN. I’d moved most of my political content to Twitter mostly so y’all would have less politics to deal with when you just want to see how your friends and family are doing over the holidays. Plus, I… Continue reading The Capitol Riots


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