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Under Construction

Pardon the dust (it’s a good thing you have that N95 face mask handy)! A lifetime ago, I had a blog named “fling93 loves fishies.” I’d like to think that it was much better than the rather hastily-chosen name indicates, as I prided myself on my measured arguments backed with thoughtful reasoning and quality sources.… Continue reading Under Construction

Review of The Accidental Superpower

I found Peter Zeihan’s The Accidental Superpower to be a very interesting, informative, and entertaining book. It seems to be a great introduction to geopolitics,¬†especially with its awesome maps. The first half of the book is brilliant, describing the geographical advantages that led to America’s rise. As he describes in the book, most of his… Continue reading Review of The Accidental Superpower

Why is inflation bad for stocks?

Well, inflation involves a currency losing value. So, in one sense, inflation is bad for any security denominated in that currency because the buying power of that amount of money decreases. In regards to why some stocks react very negatively to inflation news, this has more to do with expected interest rates. The institution tasked… Continue reading Why is inflation bad for stocks?

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