On the Reliability of the “MSM”

(image via imgflip) I often run across people who denounce the reliability of mainstream media (MSM). This seems to indicate a misunderstanding of markets. “The media” is not a single homogeneous entity but actually a rather crowded and competitive industry where the barrier to entry is lower than it's ever been. Even if you examine… Continue reading On the Reliability of the “MSM”

How Trustworthy Is Media Bias / Fact Check?

For the past several years, I’ve looked far and wide for good ratings of media sources. Media Bias / Fact Check (MB/FC) is the best one I’ve been able to find. Indeed, every criticism of MB/FC that I have ever seen fails to mention a media assessment source that is better! That says it all… Continue reading How Trustworthy Is Media Bias / Fact Check?